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Mercado Central


Mercado Central


1515 East Lake Street Minneapolis Minnesota 55407

Phone number:


Opening hours:



Type of flea market:


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

¿Where is it located and how do I get there?

The address is 1515 East Lake Street Minneapolis Minnesota 55407 .

Click on the link below to see how to get there on the map

To see how to get there

What is the telephone number of Mercado Central

The phone number of Mercado Central is 612-728-5400 and the contact person is: Becky George

What is its schedule?

This flea market does not have the schedule available. If you have information to update this field, you can send it to us at the following email:

¿Type of flea market?

Es Used .

¿The flea market has a Facebook page?

At the moment, there is no website available. If there are any changes, we will update the information for the flea market.

What is the nearest bus stop?

These are the closest bus stops

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What is the nearest metro stop?

These are the closest metro stops

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What bars are in the area?

To see open bars nearby.

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